Storage Sheds

Looking to add a storage shed to your backyard? Our wall and carriage sheds are made with quality, hand-picked lumber, which means they are built to last. Floors are made from 2x8's set on 4x4's or 6x6's (or 4x6's with 2x6' floor joist and LP ProStruct flooring), 16” center 2x4 stud walls, and 2' center 2x4 rafters. Our sheds use a 7/16 OSB for wall and roof sheeting.

Two 43-inch wall sheds

Two 43-inch wall sheds

43" Wall Shed
sizes range from 8'x8' to 14'x24'

The 43" wall shed is our most popular model.

8x8 - 8x16 sheds come standard with 5'x6' roll-up door.
10x10 - 10x20 sheds come standard with a 6'x6' steel roll-up door.
12x12 - 12x24 sheds come standard with an 8'x7' steel roll-up door.
14x16 - 14x24 sheds come standard with a 9'x7' steel roll-up door.
These sheds have a barn-style roof and come with a choice of vinyl siding or pine T1-11.

66" Wall Shed

Colonial shed

Colonial Style

sizes range from 8'x8' to 14'x24'

These sheds come standard with a steel roll-up door. Choose from vinyl siding or pine T1-11. Sheds have a barn-style roof with no overhangs.

Storage Shed Styles

Colonial, Haven, Depot, and Sale barn. See the gallery for examples.

The colonial comes standard with vinyl siding, shingled roof, two windows, walk door, rollup door , 2 vents , 4’ loft , 6 x 5 metal ramp and overhangs on all 4 sides

The haven come standard with a rollup door, two windows, two 4’ lofts, vinyl siding, any metal roof.



Haven Style

Storage Shed Extras

In-building shelf (16" deep by width of building)
Ramp – 2'
Ramp – 4'
Window boxes
Four-sided overhang (standard on hip-roof shed design)
Walk-in door – solid
Walk-in door – 1/2 glass
Cedar lap siding
Log cabin siding
Window – 24x24
Window – 36x24
Window – 36x24 insulated

Apply for our rent-to-own program for your new storage shed.